HYCAN 007, GAC-NIO’s First Pure EV Officially Listed in the Chinese market with price started at 262,000 yuan


GAC-NIO New Energy recently officially listed HYCAN 007, its first pure electric SUV, launching three models with the subsidized pricing of 262,600 to 303,000 yuan (~US$37,343 – US$43,088). Two customized versions were also made available, with prices ranging from 340,000 to 400,000 yuan.

Positioned as a pure, electric mid-size SUV, the HYCAN 007 adopts an elegant but simple design styling, incorporating the shape of the number “7” on various elements found on the front, rear, and inside of the car.

From the front, the closed design is apparent. Body-wise, the HYCAN 007 has a cage body frame structure with an all-aluminum alloy battery pack shell. The roof is all-black, outfitted with a panoramic sunroof. Size-wise, the HYCAN 007 is 4879mm long, 1937mm wide, and 1680mm tall with a 2919mm wheelbase. Mid to high-end models employ 245/50 R20 tires; while the low-end models come with 245/55 R19 tires. From the rear, an angled D-pillar adds to the dynamic styling; T-shaped LED taillights create a distinctive look. The “7” number is carried over to elements on the sides.

On the inside, a triple screen built around the number “7” pattern envelops the driver; the LCD displays multimedia, Bluetooth phones, and navigation data all at the same time. Two Central Control screens are angled at 150.48° for great visibility. Below the central control, a screen serves as operation control for air conditioning, heated seats, various vehicle functions, and ventilation, among many other features. The HYCAN 007 boasts of generous room, able to accommodate a 180cm tall driver/rider on the front row with head and legroom to spare.

The “little CAN” AI intelligent interactive system is built-in; an L2 advanced driving assistance system greatly aids navigation. The SUV also has a lifeguard system for detecting vital signs and fatigue detection of the driver; provisions for emergency calls, as well as rear-end care for children. Furthermore, a drone system is available with operation enabled through the central control screen.

Under the hood, HYCAN 007 employs a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a battery using an NCM811 battery pack. Battery capacities of 73kWh and 93kWh will be available depending on the model, with cruising ranges (NEDC) of 523km and 643km, respectively. The batteries have fast charging times (30-80%) at 33 and 35 minutes, accordingly. Give driving mode options are available.

0-100km/h acceleration time is 8.2 seconds for the lower models, 7.9 seconds for the mid- to high-end models. The HYCAN 007 is also capable of external discharge for V2V or car-to-car recharge; and V2L for providing 220V power.

The new SUV directly competes with GAC AION LX, BYD Tang EV600, Roewe MARVEL X, and DENZA X in the mid-size pure electric SUV category with the HYCAN 007’s impressive mileage rated as very much competitive in its class.  

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HYCAN 007 background

The HYCAN 007 is a product of GAC-NIO New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd, which was created in April 2019, a joint venture between the GAC Group, GAC New Energy, NIO Fund, NIO Automobile, and its founding team. The new SUV is produced by the Guangzhou Automobile New Energy Plant. GAC-NIO launched the co-branding HYCAN in May 2019, while the production version of the HYCAN 007 was unveiled alongside pre-sales in December last year. The COVID-19 epidemic notwithstanding, the launching of the new SUV and delivery to internal employees will proceed this April while delivery to external customers is scheduled for May.